Maternity Gown Rentals Edmonton

The Photographer Studio also rents out maternity gowns !!!

To rent :

Please state :

Item # and the date you wish to pick up. 

* note*  

Dress rental is pick up and drop off same day 

If this is for a weekend rental, pickup is Friday during business hours and drop off is Monday morning . 

We will require :

Company name ( if applicable )

First and last name

Full mailing address

And a cell number 


*** Rental fee of $25 is required at time of reservation and  an additional $25 deposit in cash when you pickup, which will be returned to you when gown is returned without damages. 

Item 1 :

 Lace with plunging neckline fits sizes S-M ( shown with optional white sash and beaded hairband , see below for accessories )

Item 2 :

Poet style sheer gown ( fits a narrow shoulder sizes XS-M ) , shown with optional white sash ( see accessories below )

Item 3 :

 Coral lace tube gown , with a bit of a train , opens in front.  fits size S-XL

Item 4 :

Pink stretch tube gown with long fin train . Fits S-L

Item 5 :

Blue sheer tube gown with 2 layers of long train . Opens in front . ( shown with optional white sash, see below for accessories ) . Fits S-L

Item 6 :

Vintage gown with on/off shoulder option. Fits XS-M

Item 7 :

Lace tube style gown, has options : Can tie in front bodice to make a sweetheart neckline or a straight neckline, has optional sleeves. ( shown with optional floral sash, see below for accessories ) Fits S-XL

Item 8 :

White off the shoulder sheer gown with front opening .( shown with optional white sash, see below for accessories )  Fits S-XL

Item 9:

Wine off the shoulder sheer gown with front opening - Fits S-XL

Item 10:

Vintage dressing gown with bodice closure and open front . Fits sizes XS-M ( smaller bust lines )

Item 11 :

2 pc. vintage dressing gown and dress . Fits S-L

Item 12 :

Black lace gown ( shown with optional black sash, see below for accessories ) . Fits S-L

Item 13:

Black lace gown with plunging neckline ( Fits XXS-S )

Item 14 :

Black tube stretch lace gown ( Fits XS-S )

Item # 15 :

Bohemian style gown ( Fits XS - M )

Item # 16 : 

Tulle gown with head scarf and flowers included ( Fits XS- L ) 




Optional sashes . Please provide item # when booking . 2.00/ rental

The Studios - Introduction

Hi, I’m Tammy Deren and I know what clicks with Edmonton photographers. As the owner of Smiley Eyes PhotographyI know firsthand what it’s like to build a photographybusiness from the ground up. It takes time, patience and energy…and most of all, it takes a lot of capital. I understand that as you grow your business you may not have all the pieces in place yet – backdrops, lighting, studio space, and an amazing array of props. That’s why I created The Photographer Studio.  An Edmonton studio rental . 

Sounds Amazing, Tammy! So…What is The Photographer Studio?

It is three conveniently located, fully furnished, fully stocked studios complete with vintage to modern props and furniture; large open work spaces suitable for group shots, meetings, classes and demos; lighting and staging rooms for makeup and dressing; and waiting rooms for refreshments between shots.

I’ve got the space, you customize the experience want. It’s that simple! It’s the best place for Edmonton photographers to set up their boudoir photos, portrait photography, food photography, product shots, glamour photos and more.  Whatever kind of photo shoot you have in mind, you can do it at The Photographer Studio.

Ohhh, I’m Getting Excited Tammy! Tell Me More!

Don’t mind if I do!

Studio 1 is located on the second floor of the 15607 100a Ave building. It’s bright, airy and features a boudoir space. Studio 1 also has its very own boudoir bathroom setup that includes a chaise lounge and an antique tub. You’ll love Studio 1’s prop room where you’ll find everything you need for the perfect shot, such as newborn props, extra headboards and small items. ( 20/day fee).

A separate makeup /waiting  room awaits your photo subjects where they can have their makeup applied, relax between shots and enjoy a coffee or other refreshments . 

For Edmonton photographers that love outdoor lighting, set up your sessions on Studio 1’s rooftop patio that is adorned with  natural, vintage and modern outdoor furniture.

Studios 2 and 3 are located at 17304 – 103 Ave. The first thing you’ll notice when you walk into Studio 2’s large main room is the full sized bed with its beautiful new bedding, ( perfect for your next boudoir shoot or cozy up a family for a fun family shoot ). Chaise lounges, brick backdrops, florals and greenery, a fireplace, and from October - January, a Christmas tree – it’s every photographers’ dream studio! There’s a separate area for hair and makeup along with a great lounge for coffee and wine. 

The waiting area and makeup space are shared with Studio 3.

It’s the smallest of the three but oh so impressive; Studio 3 is brimming with vintage charm. Step into yesteryear with an old fashioned vanity, pink chaise, patterned sofas with curved wooden legs, a charming antique light fixture and wispy white window treatments. Neutral walls ensure your subjects really stand out and the intimate nature of the room really appeals to Edmonton boudoir and family /newborn photographers. We even have a posing bag and some newborn props, stocked and ready for you to use in studio 3 . 

And don’t forget! You can also book The Photographer Studio for meetings, demonstrations and classes.

Tammy, Can I Afford to Book These Amazing Spaces?

Dear photographer, how can you afford not to? How does having a full studio at your disposal affect your photography business in Edmonton? It turbocharges it! All for just: $40/hour for Studios 1 & 2, and $25 per hour for Studio 3, and when you book hourly blocks, you save money.

·         Studios 1 & 2: $150/4 hours, $250/8 hours, $350/12 hours

·         Studio 3: $90/4 hours, $130/8 hours, $200/12 hours

      Studios 1 & 2 offer seamless backdrop paper for $4/foot

All 3 studios have complimentary continuous lights in soft boxes for those who don't have their own lights .

Serious about your business? Then maximize your time and dollars with a membership. Membership operates on a timeshare basis starting at $225/month for 13 hours.

Contact me for additional details about rates and memberships.

Tammy, I’m Dialing you Right Now!

I’m happy to hear that because nothing makes me happier than helping photographers in Edmonton click!